A Psalm

We ‘ve developed the kind of relationship that I wouldn’t sacrifice anything for: my dreams, my heart desire, my needs and wants don’t compare to what we have

On the path you’ve chosen for me, they’ve brought tears, distance, misunderstanding and isolation from others. But in the midst of dark days, cold and restless nights–your presence alone kept me

I know there’s a calling on my life that extends beyond writing in which I can no longer ignore: I refrain from asking the question“ why me?” Instead I profess the statement “here I am”


I asked to have a heart after You like your past servant David, and provided the circumstances, so why I do I complain about hardships and trials?

I asked for wisdom and insight like Solomon, but why do people think I’m a “know-it-all?”

I asked for a mind of Christ, but what can’t I always be obedient to Your Will

Yes, I have to keep in mind I’m just clay


I know when I get there; I will understand it all

I will look back on these days in the place of my success and say, “Oh, this is what you’ve been preparing me for”

I will forever be devoted to you, because of the love I have for you

You’ve helped me to see that literally, You’re my everything


As I return to a place foreign to me, I ask that you continue to keep me

Continue to give me the strength to endure, and the patience for Your will to unveil

I know there will be disappointment and disagreements because of your decision, but please reveal in them what you reveal to me


I live my life for God and no one and nothing else

On the surface, it may seem like I am unstable but with God, I’m always walking on solid ground. 


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