It is wise to seek advice when you fully understand your situation, but even God doesn’t reveal all to the heart right away. —Melvin Davis

How many of you have made ill-decisions or became more confused about something you were going through, or concerning some important decision you had to make after seeking advice from someone?

Often times we leave worse off than when we came when sought advice without fully understanding what we were going through. It’s not a coincidence that God tells us to be patient, to be still, to wait upon Him for further direction. 

We can’t blame others for the outcome of circumstances at the cost of their advice. Some people will give advice based upon what you tell them, how you feel and well you full grasp what you’re going through. Others will lend a few wise words based upon their experiences or what God did in their life. There’s nothing wrong here, however, you have to keep in mind that God requires you to seek Him first before godly and logical wisdom. What you hear from others must line up with what God already told you.

Be careful whom or where you seek advice from. There are hidden biases beneath the surface that you aren’t aware of. And remember, what you understand about your situation will reflect the kind of advice you will receive. 


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