If a person can’t love you and support you while you’re at rock bottom, they don’t deserve the time and the day to be with you when you’re on top. —Melvin Davis

There’s no relationship perfect under the sun, but I believe there a few people in the world who will stand by you and love you through the tough times regardless of what other’s have to say from the outside. Love is faithful even when friends and family don’t understand the circumstances you’re in.

You who are going through trials should not, under any circumstance, negotiate experiencing love with a person who is willing to walk away from you because there are certain pieces missing to your puzzle. True love is tested under pressure. True love can endure the fire and the snowstorms. But a love that develops on the surface will not stand a chance during challenges. 

Many people pray to be with someone who has good looks, good credit, a nice car and a pretty house, but a wise person, who understands that all of things are important, will also pray for a man or woman will stick by them if they lose it all or when they’re are trying to establish their self. 

Remember, God will never send someone in your life that will bail out on you. If He does, He wants to show you the truth of that person to avoid hurt later down the road. I heard someone once say, “God will send someone who love the seed of you.” Pray for someone who does just that. 


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