There is a relationship between the pain you carry and the gift you have within. Allow the two to fuse together so that great things can happen in your life.–Melvin Davis


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  1. Melvin Davis says:

    A lot people who gifted at something, often come from distraught and unfortunate backgrounds. However, they don’t let these past circumstances become an excuse to hold them back from wanting more. Instead, they use the pain to thrust their way into success. Failure is not an options for such people. Their gifts is their hope of achieving more in life. For instance, I use my pain to write and desire to succeed. I believe through my transparency and willingness to be vulnerable, others are touched by my words. Also, I am not content at where I at in life, so I’m also using my pain to get through the tough times as oppose to slipping into depression or drinking the pain away.

    Hope this response helps.

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