If loving someone else begins to hurt you that means you’re neglecting yourself. —Melvin Davis

Relationships come with all kinds of complexities and issues that sometimes call for two people to assess what happened and what went wrong or take a step back altogether to decide whether if it’s worth moving forward. Whatever decision you make, if you have to keep in mind what’s at cost concerning your well-being.

People often find themselves feeling depleted, burnt out, and just tired because they’re trying to make something work that’s not working. You love until you don’t have the strength to. Then you love some more to the point that it actually hurts you. There’s nothing stressful than have your efforts to fall on unfertile ground, year-end and year-out. When you’ve reached this point, its important to pay attention to you, not the other person.

Staying in an unhealthy relationship because you’re concerned with what will happen to other person is an excuse to stay in it. It’s convenient to deal with the abnormal and dysfunctional than to move on because a drastic change is destined to place. I know that beginning a new chapter can be painful, but it’s something you must do if you really want to be truly loved and appreciated for who you are.

If you have no peace and rest with the one you’re with, this is sign that you aren’t with the right person.

When Loving Someone Isn’t Enough


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