The Power of a Kiss, a poem.

  The radiance in her eyes reflects the daylight in heaven. My wife is beautiful.

I gaze into them looking into the heart of her soul. It’s filled with love there.

I look at my reflection in them and see a leader, a King, and everything else God called created me to be. I am her equal.

The contours of her face have been chisel by the delicate hands of angels

Her skin is layered like the smooth surface of infinite oceans. She needs no foundation.

Her eyebrows are arched like the bow and arrow–complimenting the symmetric of her sexy

I lean forward to kiss the bed of her lips: soft, pure and plump. I rest.

Tongues grace each other ever so pleasantly

We pause. We stare. We hold hands. The silence between us heightens our spiritual happening

I kiss her again and step back. Water brushes against the shore of her pupils. She feels my spirit. She feels Who brought us together

I kiss her again, holding my lips against hers, and I feel the warmth of her presence

Tongues interlock again, and we’re both in a place that has no physical address

We are far from earth, a destination that many may never travel because they aren’t patient

I love this woman with every ounce of me

She is my other. My spiritual significant other



5 thoughts on “The Power of a Kiss, a poem.

  1. So eloquently written. Your writing reminds me of King Solomon in the Old Testament. I’m a graphic artist and I see your writing as a work of art, your pen is your brush. Just as visual art gives the viewer some type of emotion or feeling your work does the same.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thanks Kimberly.

      King Solomon is one my favorite biblical persons God had used during his time on earth. I’ve studied his life extensively, but haven’t given any of his Songs a read. I only browsed through them.

      As an aspiring novelist, my aim is to paint pictures with words and make them come to life by pouring my emotions, thoughts and spirit into them. For the writer, I believe that’s when words come to life on a page. And for the painter or graphic design artist, that’s when the pictures or images come to life.

      Thanks for reading. Where can I see you work?

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