God always gives two people the same revelation about each other. That’s how you know if that person is the one for you.

There’s much to be said about knowing if you’re really with the “one” or if the person you’re fond of or currently dating is God “sent.” But for now, I will say this:

An intense emotion that someone evokes you as a result of the kind of impact of who they are or what they do, shouldn’t be mistaken for a spiritual experience. There’s a fine line between intense emotions and a spiritual happening. Although we may feel strongly about someone, it doesn’t suggest they are the one for you. It is God who lets you know beyond the height of your emotions that she or he is in your life to be taken as a husband or wife.

I will hold off on elaborating further until I post my podcast about “How to Figure out Someone’s Relationship Patterns: What You Should Know Before Making a Commitment.”

Stay on the look out.

One who walks with God will know the things of God concerning his or her love life.

God always give…


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