The Power of Touch

The reflection of waves and blue skies premiered on her oversized sunglasses.

Grace by the cool draft of winds brushing off the still surface of the ocean, her eyes close

She lies on the top of white sheets in the center of a bed decorated with red and white roses and her perfect hue of cinnamon and jet black hair swathed over white silk pillows

 A pose that’s ever so perfect to be photographed by the spirit of love

Kisses touch below her hairline and another kiss below shy of her ear

Brawn hands on top hers—fingers intertwining around hers, she sighs, opening her chestnut eyes

My warm body against hers stirs her soul deep within—causing her loving to awake from its slumber– waves brushing against her shore

The scent of honey vanilla settles her senses as my hands glide over her back, loosening up the tension

Soothed by deep tissue massages, her body loses all strength. She is vulnerable unto me. All mine.

Soften the tissue below her lower back, she titter, tickle by the pleasantry of her hills blessed by my hands.

I turn her over and see the submission in her eyes

“You are so beautiful,” I whispered into her ear

“And so are you.”

She open her eyes seeing seagulls fly about– savoring that moment when our hearts connected and our souls tied

“I love you with all of me,” I said brushing her hair from my face. “Your heart is a place I want to be spend an eternity in.”

“And so do I my love.”


16 thoughts on “The Power of Touch

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Can you give me an example?

      My relationship with God has matured and I’ve grown closer to Him over the years. My faith has also recently sky rocketed, due to a recent fast and for God answering my prayers time after time,providing for me when i’ve reached dead ends, and showing me His undeserved favor and grace. So I’ll have to disagree with you.

      I have learned as an aspiring novelist and blogger that I can’t control how others interpret my words, tone of voice and message (s). I understand that people read with a particular idea in mind attached to different experiences, who come from different educational and academic backgrounds, who have spiritual and emotional maturity and a lack thereof. I also know that readers often isolate one word or phrase and draw their conclusions, missing out on the point I was trying to make in my blogs and quotes. All of these things come with the territory of sharing art publicly, which is why I am no longer bothered by the criticism and misinterpretation. If so, I would’ve stopped writing and sharing my work long ago.

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