Waiting for Love

Sometimes I wonder if I would experience the things I write about

My musing about love is always done out of an act of love—never out of a place of anything less: they are the mediations of my heart and reflections of my desires

Five years of walking on a path of singleness—met some people here and there. but none were meant to have a permanent place in my life

This scenario looks so familiar to me: Her response to my approach, her tone of voice and subtle elusiveness in conversation.

Not investing much emotion into it to protect myself

Not giving much thought it

Not praying about it much

I’ve been there before

I know she is special but I look to God for guidance and direction

You order all the steps in my life—including love

I won’t commit to the pursuit of love until you give me the green light, Until I have your approval

But am I being tested?

Until then, I will continue to wait.

I will continue to be patient

I will continue to put my trust in You


7 thoughts on “Waiting for Love

  1. I have spent almost sixty years on the planet; 30 of which I’ve counseled people. Fifty of which I’ve observed them and written about them in one form or another. All this experience has taught me that if we want something too badly, we are almost sure not to get it. Life is paradoxical that way. And so I’ve learned to accept what I am given, be grateful for it, and look forward to what every day brings.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      There’s truth in the cliche that we could lose the very thing we desire by holding on too tightly to it: a lesson that I’ve learned years ago.

      In this poem, I emphasized the importance of patience and allowing God to guide you all aspects of your life, that of which to the topic at hand, love.

      Going with the flow of God orchestrates things is what I encourage and what I practice. I can’t repeat the same mistakes of my youth.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thanks. I appreciate it.

      Learning how to trust is a process. It doesn’t happen over night—maybe for others. We develop the fruits of the spirit and trust through trial and error and also through self-discipline 🙂

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