On Spiritual Maturity: When the odds are you against you, see it as an opportunity to draw closer to God than you ever did before. Embrace this time to experience God’s unconditional love and to come to a greater understanding of who He is. It’s important to know what undeserved grace and favor is so you can tell others about it. –Melvin Davis

A movie that I could watch over and over is 300. The narration is dead one, sort of moves bold and courageous, free spirited and poetic—all at the same time. I guess since I discovered a gift for creative writing, I can appreciate a story, the settings and characters, and dialogue more.  I remember when the movie came out, my friend’s Facebook status were filled with everyone doing “300” workouts to have ripped abs. However, I wondered if the abs of the Spartans were computerized. Nonetheless, it gave everyone a sense of inspiration and motivation to get back in the gym or to workout harder—I admit I was motivated. But what resonated in me the most, the second time I saw the movie in theatre’s, was King Leonidas, played by Gerad Butler, who did a superb job by the way, was his unrelenting, never giving up spirit despite the odds that were against  him and to face death with the taste of “beauty” and a perspective that the end was not upon his people. He was willing to sacrifice himself for his people to have a future, to have an existence, to enjoy their citizenship and culture as Spartans. He questions is what are you willing to give up. You don’t have to hand yourself over to death in a literal sense, but to give yourself over to the will and plans of God is a spiritual sacrifice 😉

Like the movie 300, we will face moments when the odds are totally against us. We don’t see the situation turning around as the doors continue to shut around you or opportunities shrink or when the help you once had fades away. I’ve express in a recent poem that I wrote title, The Process, of how I’m responding rather different to the circumstances I currently face. God has so change my perspective about my hardships and allowed me to see that these are times to experience grow, spiritually and emotionally and to draw closer to Him. I know this situation’s has already been worked out. What it’s important is that I, and you, come to a greater understanding of God is. There’s nothing like experiencing God’s grace and favor.

I’m not sure what you’re going through or up against today, but I know it’s never a good feeling to be behind the eight ball when resources and finances are running short. There will be days when you might have to shed a tear or two, or keep yourself together in public when you feel like you’re going to fall apart. But like myself, you have to find strength to believe things will get better—no matter how hard things seem. Face these tough times with the taste of beauty, put ice on those bruises with prayer, praise and worship. See God in your situation when you don’t feel HIs presence. He’s there and will always be there. 

Don’t give up. Stay strong!

On Spiritual Ma…


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