A Love that Moves Mountains

Whenever she’s in my presence, I want her to feel the power of the love I have for her and the presence of God

I want to make it impossible for her to sit with me a guarded heart and with crossed arms

It’ll be impossible for her to look me in the eye and not ever be honest with me

I am here to add to her life—not t subtract from it

She’ll know my worth

My love for her will move mountains from her: all the pain that she’s ever experience will be no more

All the men boys that hurt her before will no longer matter. She won’t remember them

What she didn’t experience in her youth, that void will be fulfilled: I will be her lover, her best friend– a masculine presence of strength that she’s never felt

 My touch will be distinctive, one of a kind from the rest

 My touch will mark a symbol of love–not hurt

I will continuously kneel and kiss her hand: That is my signature to let her know how much I honor and value her

 I will profess my love for her public to let he know she is the queen that sits on my throne. She’s irreplaceable

I’ll send love letters and notes to remind her of how my love for her is never dim

And if I leave this earth before she does, she’ll sit on Evergreen Mountain looking up at the skies

Tears of joy will flow from her eyes because my presence is still in her heart

She’ll look into a river and see my face and smile

She’ll move on with life because she’ll know I’d want her too, but she’ll take me with her, whoever she goes, and with whoever she chooses to love again.

But because I’m here on earth now, she loves me everyday like it’s her last



2 thoughts on “A Love that Moves Mountains

  1. charry love says:

    Aww *tears* I love, love, love, this poem. It’s so so beautiful Melvin. My favorite poem, you should put a sound on this poem lol. You write like an Angel, the words described here are so loving & beautiful.

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