If you’re in love with someone, you won’t cheat on that person. If you like that person but still care for them, you still have a chance of being unfaithful. Liking/caring and being in love aren’t the same feelings. —Melvin Davis

I find it difficult to believe that someone could be in love with two people at the same time. The only being that could be in two places at once is God. He could stand next to and love a billion people at once. Human beings aren’t designed that way because we aren’t omnipresent.

I believe that if you’re in love with someone, although you may come across many attractive people throughout the day or while you’re away on a trip, those people you cross paths with aren’t going to tempt you to leave what you’ve built for years with the love of your life or what you’re beginning to build if you just met that person. Love keeps you home, focused and close to the heart of the love of your life.

So often I come across people who have cheated on their significant others and they say, “but I really care about him or her.” Yes, I believe they do care for the person they’re cheating on, but they’re confessing is that what they feel doesn’t translate into being in love. Being in love is an emotional feeling that transcends into spiritual. The spiritual side of love is the connection that God bridges between two people when He brings them together. Caring for someone is also an emotional feeling, but it’s relatively distant from having romantic feelings for someone

Faith is something spiritual, which means faithfulness, has the same nature as well. In other words, we have to be disciplined in our spirit so we can discipline in our flesh to make a commitment everyday not to cheat on the love of our life. Your source of strength of being faithful is not in your own mental capacity or self-will, but in your relationship with God.  When you let go of the hand of God in your relationship or marriage, the likelihood of you letting go the hand of your significant other will happen.


If you’re in lo…


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