Many make decisions of being with someone based upon what a person doesn’t have in the present, that they miss an opportunity to experience love with them in their success. —Melvin Davis

Love is something that is felt and experienced deep within, yet so many people miss out on the love of their life by drawing conclusions based upon what they see on the surface.  So man people are looking for something meaningful with a surface-like perspective on life and people. I hear so many women say I won’t date this or that guy if doesn’t have it altogether, of if he doesn’t have this or that thing. And so many men overlook women because they don’t dress a particular way. It’s important to keep in mind, that the person who is walking with God, who knows what their purpose and passion is, and is actively pursuing it, will not go without certain necessities for long.

I strongly believe, that if the person you have your eyes set on, cannot see what God has placed in you and where He’s taking you, is not meant to be a part of your destiny. They will not be able to the handle magnitude and the influence that will come once you’re in the place of success, so don’t take it person when you’re overlooked or discounted.

Material possessions won’t guarantee longevity in a relationship or a successful marriage. It is God who brings two people together and His presence in the union that will sustain a successful relationship or marriage.


Many make decis…


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