Melvin Davis

The reflection of waves and blue skies premiered on her oversized sunglasses.

Grace by the cool draft of winds brushing off the still surface of the ocean, her eyes close

She lies on the top of white sheets in the center of a bed decorated with red and white roses and her perfect hue of cinnamon and jet black hair swathed over white silk pillows

 A pose that’s ever so perfect to be photographed by the spirit of love

Kisses touch below her hairline and another kiss below shy of her ear

Brawn hands on top hers—fingers intertwining around hers, she sighs, opening her chestnut eyes

My warm body against hers stirs her soul deep within—causing her loving to awake from its slumber– waves brushing against her shore

The scent of honey vanilla settles her senses as my hands glide over her back, loosening up the tension

Soothed by deep…

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