Melvin Davis

No matter how rough she’s been sanded by the hardships of life, she still has a soft side to her. She wants to be courted and romanced. She desires to be desired and loved. –Melvin Davis

The spirit of a woman is her true self, a side she seldom show to anyone, except her creator, and maybe a close friend/prayer partner. You can sit side by side by a woman and feel eons apart. Imagine being in a relationship with a woman feeling this way and “trying” to “make” “love” to her that matter. The results: an offbeat, difficult, pretentious, make-believe sounds of pleasure. Lovemaking should not be a challenge or difficult. It should be a smooth transition to go into. However, when you know a woman beyond her outer beauty, beyond her wall of defense, and beyond her heart, you have a wonderful opportunity to know her, but this can…

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