No matter how rough she’s been sanded by the hardships of life, she still has a soft side to her. She wants to be courted and romanced. She desires to be desired and loved. –Melvin Davis

This quote is taken from my blog series I wrote about a year ago called, Learn Her Love Language of Intimacy and Love Her Accordingly. A reader of mind quoted it in her response to the blog and I figured I’d repost it again but I also want to add my comment to her response as it relates to wanting someone who will stand the test of time and patience to reach our soft side. Here it is below.

“I believe a man who thinks you’re worth the journey into your heart is a man that’s worth the time and day. It’s also wise to keep in mind that the man who’s pursuing might have suffered some heartache in his past as well, and that he is taking a risk at pursuing you as much you are taking a risk at opening your heart to him. It’s pertinent to be sensitive and conscious to the position and the emotional state of other person.  In other words, we have to pursue always keeping what the other person wants in mind. A simpler way to put it: don’t think about yourself. It’s awesome for two people to meet each other halfway  That way, you know you’re both moving at the same pace on the same page.”


No matter how r…


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