The Inspiration Behind My Novel, Poems, Quotes and Blogs. My Love Life and The Other Stuff in Between, Pt. II

I’m often asked the question, what’s the inspiration behind my blogs, quotes and poems? Reader’s inbox me on Facebook wondering I’m going through something, like a breakup or heartbreak. Or, who’s the special woman I’m writing about. I usually reference in my work, if I’m writing about a particular person. For example, most of the stuff you read in 2011, maybe leading up to the beginning of 2012 was inspired by a woman I was in love. She inspired my first novel, Love Again, which is being read by a friend before I submit it to literary agents. She also inspired my very first poem called This is What You Do to Me and a few others. I was still in love with her during that time and getting out all the thoughts and feelings I had of her was necessary for me to move on. I’ve always journal about experiences ever since grade school lol. I don’t know if I were dating back then or whatever you want to call it LOL.  Other works are simply inspired by how I would treat the woman God will bless me with. Some works are messages that just come to my head without me thinking about it or reflecting on some past experiences. Then after I read the comments and feedback that I get, I see it was God giving me a message to give to someone else. Other times I’m just giving advice.

As a blogger, I’m subjected to the questions about my personal life because I’m open about some aspects of my love life. The things I share, I wouldn’t mind speaking about it publicly. When I started blogging and posting quotes, I was extremely conscious about how readers would interpret or misinterpret my work or if someone thought I was talking about them. Or worse, how’d be judged. Well,  I can’t control how a person perceives what I write about and if someone judges me or thinks I was talking about them without addressing it to me so the matter could be clarified, there’s nothing I could do about that. 90 % of my work isn’t inspired by someone  About 10% was inspired by the woman I referenced above.

Stay tuned for pt. III. I’ talk briefly about my love life because I don’t have one, and the other stuff in between.


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