Forgive yourself for the wrong you done so you can receive God’s grace and mercy. Self-guilt will prevent you from receiving a second chance and experiencing God’s best. —Melvin Davis

These words came to mind last night after I sent a special friend of mine an email.  I indirectly created some friction that stemmed for my past. Fear was the root it–not intentional harm and selfishness. Well, everyday that mistake had eaten away at me for the pass two weeks. I felt guilty.

After the email, I forgiven myself for causing friction and I felt better afterward. I felt relieved and at peace. Guilt lifted off my shoulders because I’ve done all I could to do to make things right.

Maybe you wrong someone with the intention to, perhaps you did unintentionally, but you have to ask God for forgiveness and you also have to forgive yourself. I believe you stop God’s grace and mercy for entering your heart and the situation if you don’t forgive yourself.  God knows your heart and He knew and knows your intention. Let that give you the strength to forgive yourself.


No comments about my situation lol. Focus on the message not the messenger 😉


Forgive yoursel…


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