Make it your goal to become God’s friend. #SpiritualGrowth

Your walk with God is about relationship. God is more than a spiritual, super natural being that just grant us our desires and then we move in life. There are times when I ask for nothing when i pray. Sometimes ” I love you” is all I want to say or “thank you for all that you’ve done for me and for keeping me sane when I could’ve lost my mind.”

In a way, your relationship with God will reflect what kind of relationships you have with people. If you only show your presence or give someone a call when you need something, chances are, that’s how you interact with God. Give thanks and tell God how much you appreciate Him and watch your relationship growth. 

There are wonderful benefits that come with being a friend to God. Divine favor, grace and mercy, and provision are a few of them. I’ve experienced all and much more. 


Make it your go…


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