Perhaps This May Change Your Relationship, for the Good

Today’s devotion involved reading a few Psalms. I wanted to spend my time with God praising and thanking Him for the things He’s already done and will work out in my personal life. After I read, I mediated on those psalms and prayed silently, I took a walk around the work and spoke positive affirmation in my life. For instance, I whispered, ” I am strong. I am healthy. I am a successful novelist and entrepreneur. I am kind, generous and full love.” What these affirmations do is build my confidence and help me realize i am deserving of all the wonderful things God has in store for me. Right after that walk, this is what came to mind: As I shared in my previous blogs. The Inspiration Behind My Novel, Poems, Blog and Quotes, I revealed that most my work is inspired by how I would interact and treat my future wife:

Maybe you’d like to introduce a fresh and new exciting aspect into your relationship or marriage. I think it’s a good idea to spend the morning with your significant other at the park having devotion together. It’s quite and serene and nature would surely place your mind to receive what God wants to communicate to you individually and as a couple. I believe having devotion together will bring you closer and reveal side of you that you had no idea existed. It could welcome a new spark, refreshing conversations and new understanding about each other. I dare you try it. 

When God is the foundation of your relationship, and it’s in His will for you to be together, the union will be a successful one. 


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