Most critics want the status, the attention, the influence and the position of the person they’re criticizing. –Melvin Davis

When you discover your purpose and passion in life, more than half of your energy is devoted to trying to make it where you want to be or sustaining that level of success that you’ve earned. But those, not all, who haven’t discovered their purpose/passion in life, because they have no desire to, have plenty of time on their hands to analyze, dissect and critique another’s life. No one is perfect. No one will get it right every time, but what differentiate the doer from the spectator is the courage, the faith, the love the passion and the will to keep on trying and to continue on in their purpose. 

Consider the position from which your critics stand before you respond to them. Seldom will you find someone at the top of success criticizing someone  who’s at the bottom, unless they feel threaten. But you’ll always find someone at the bottom criticizing at the top. 

When you stop focusing on others, you’ll have a better chance at discovering you. 

Most critics wa…


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