Sometimes things happen to us. Sometimes we allow things to happen to us.–Melvin Davis

When life happens without you inviting certain unfortunate events in your life, don’t get discouraged or be quick to think you’re cursed or that you’ve done something wrong. I have discovered that certain situations God led me into, to shape and mold into the man and spiritual leader He’s called me to be. Spiritual leader is not subjected to a specific church, but as a future husband, as a brother, as a son, as a businessman or any other capacity God leads me to fellowship and be part of. 

Without hardships, I wouldn’t have the kind of faith and level of obedience that I have. As I began maturing in my spiritual walk, I found myself wanting the kind of faith and obedience that great men in the Bible had. I’d say, I want faith like Abraham, Moses, the courage and strength, the desire and passion like David, not knowing God provides the mean to develop those spiritual essentials are pivotal in experiencing success and fulfillment in life. You have to keep in mind, when you pray for faith; God provides the circumstances for you to grow it.

On the other side of the coin, we allow and invite unfortunate things to happen to us: ignoring the signs and just simply doing our own thing could result to hardship, but you can change all of that. You can get on the right track by aligning yourself to God’s will. But I’d like to point out this nugget truth before you move to my next blog 😉 Walking in God’s will doesn’t exempt you trials and hardships. I know this by experience and by experience I’ve come to discover that all things truly work out for the God. You will be the man and woman God has called you to be. You will overcome the uncomfortable places you’re currently at. You will have the strength to break free from that unhealthy relationship. You will stop seeking love and validation in other people and learn how to love yourself. 

Be blessed and stay encouraged. Make a conscious decision in your heart to finish your race.



Sometimes thing…


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