Two Things Women Love

A woman loves a man who actually listens to her and cares about her. But before I elaborate on that point in the next paragraph, let’s give a working definition of what listening and caring means To listen is to be attentive of what and how something is being said and to apply what’s being said. Apply means to react, respond or take a point or a suggestion into consideration. To care is to be emphatic, sensitive, letting the other person know that they matter

A woman loves a man who’s a great listener and who cares about what she has to say and how she feels because its lets her know that you’re in tuned and paying attention to her. Part of the reason women walk away from men is because they fail to listen. Something that seems so small and insignificant could be the very reason a relationship crumbles or why men blow a chance before they could even have one. A lack of attentiveness sends a sign to a woman who you’re insensitive and self-centered. If she comes to the conclusion that everything is about you, then she thinks you are probably better off by yourself.

What listening and caring does is move you closer into a woman’s heart, making her feel like you are one with her instead of a man who’s just taking up space in her life. It shows her you can be a friend and lover. She’s not looking for a vegetable, but a relationship. Listening and caring also opens a door to experience a deeper level of intimacy with her and I’m not just talking about making love but I’m eluding to experiencing a more caring and love side of her that she wants to feel safe, confident and comfortable to do.

Something simple as listening and caring can take you a long way. It could lead into a marriage and a successful one at that.


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