Things a Woman Would Appreciate Pt. 1

How you view you a woman will show how much you value her. How you value her will reflect how you treat her. Here are a few pointers of how to get the best of your woman and the relationship you have with her. It’s fairly simple and reasonable—no matter what kind of personality you do or don’t’ have. You necessarily don’t have to be a romantic to do these things. All it takes is shoving aside your pride, ego and embracing a new perspective of engaging the woman you’re with. It may make you feel better as a man.

  1. Compliment her. All women love compliments
    1. Tell her how good–especially when she has something she’s put thought into piecing together. By complimenting her, she’ll know that you are aware that she’s in the effort or thought into her outfit. For example, you may recognize that one particular color really compliments her skin complexion or what the color actually brings out something in you. For instance, some women who wear pink and red are colors provokes emotional responses within me. I find pink to be a soft and sensual color. Red speaks for itself. It evokes passion and sexy. I also like pastel colors too.
    2. Let her know that you find her attractive and sexy. I posted this quote, umm I don’t’ know how long ago: “No matter how rough she’s been sanded by the hardships of life, a woman still wants to be desired and wanted.” If she’s been working out to gain certain results in a particular place, tell her how good she looks.

2. Pray with her. Some people find it difficult to link prayer and intimacy. The two aren’t far fetch. In fact, what praying does is bring two people closer together.  Praying with a woman lets her know how much you honor God, that you believe in God is the foundation of the relationship and you want to become

3. Do Nice Things Just Because. Give her a call during the day or when you know she’s at work but tell her ahead not to answer. Leave her a nice, romantic message: tell how much you appreciate her. How good she looks today even if you haven’t see or if you have that morning, let her know again that she looks beautiful today.. Tell her you just wanted to see how her day is going or you wanted to say I love you. Or, if you both share a song, play that song for her. The Key: THOUGHTFULNESS. Thoughtfulness moves mountains 😉

4. Kiss her hand every now and then. What this will do to a woman is make her feel special deep within. It sends a signal that she has your uttermost respect and appreciation for her. Many of you who have read my poem know that often reference the kissing of the hand. Well, that’s my way of letting a woman know I honor and respect her.

5. Do something thoughtful: Maybe you exhausted the wining and dining, have given some really great gifts but you’ve reached a point where she’s no longer excited or responds the way she once did. That’s because she’s gotten used to it. This is the perfect time to be creative and to do some extraordinary. Leave her a short message on a sticky or a love letter in place she’ll later find. Change her oil or wash her car. She’ll find those things more appreciative than an expensive gift any day. Perhaps, what I have my character David do with Jennifer in a novel. He surprises her with picnic at a park.  Some people say chivalry doesn’t exist, nor the things they see in romance or romantic comedies.


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