Things a Woman Would Appreciate Pt. 1

Melvin Davis

How you view you a woman will show how much you value her. How you value her will reflect how you treat her. Here are a few pointers of how to get the best of your woman and the relationship you have with her. It’s fairly simple and reasonable—no matter what kind of personality you do or don’t’ have. You necessarily don’t have to be a romantic to do these things. All it takes is shoving aside your pride, ego and embracing a new perspective of engaging the woman you’re with. It may make you feel better as a man.

  1. Compliment her. All women love compliments
    1. Tell her how good–especially when she has something she’s put thought into piecing together. By complimenting her, she’ll know that you are aware that she’s in the effort or thought into her outfit. For example, you may recognize that one particular color really compliments her…

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