Love has the power to make life worth living. It can also transform our lives for the good. But when we don’t hold our end of the bargain to love, the consequences can be life changing, for the worse.–Melvin Davis

I plan to post a teaching on faith and love. I want to show you the relationship of the two and how faith has a language of it ‘s own, which will inherently determine the success or failure of a relationship, including business or personal. 

I have discovered my relationship with God influences of how women view me: in terms of whether they feel they can coexist with me in a relationship or not or talk about various topic. This is why it doesn’t take me long to figure out if I could see myself someone. As I’ve matured in my Christian walk, and watched my spiritual discernment heighten, it’s easier for me to see where people, younger and older, faith stand. If you ever want to know where someone faith is, do these three things.

1) Tell them what you’ve gone or going through. If you’re judged based upon your past or current circumstance, that person doesn’t have much of a relationship with God. It’s hard to walk with God and not grow into a compassionate, understanding and loving person. It’s just not possible.

2) Tell them about your acts of faith. I’ve shared some moves I had to make where I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be. God doesn’t always show you the entire picture because He wants to mature your faith. He also wants to get you in a place where you’re only depending on Him to sustain your existence, peace and provision.

3) Share your dreams and aspirations with someone. A woman told me what my chances of being a successful novelist where slim. Our friendship has never been the same. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t believe in me or support. I’d rather converse the matters of my heart with my future wife instead of another woman. Anyhow, I understood the perspective she was speaking from, which was why I was offended. Logic and reason is the barometer she uses to determine the success or failure of something.  Faith picks up where reason stops and God wouldn’t call you or me to do something he doesn’t intend to be successful at. 

Stay tune for Faith and Love. 


Love has the po…


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