Have a Good Night and a Greater Day Tomorrow: With Words of Wisdom

This is my sign off signature on Facebook lol, but I decided to WordPress it because I want to leave an encouraging message with you before I go. It’s too long to put in a FB status.

Continue being you when you’re misunderstood. If he or she, or they cannot see the gifts and wonderful things God has placed inside of you, don’t take it personal. It simply means they aren’t part of your destiny or in God’s plan to be connected to you. Practice patience in all things. Great things come to those who are patient: for patience builds character and maturity. Love yourself when you don’t feel loved: for it will keep you from giving your valuables to those who don’t deserve it. Live life with integrity: don’t look for the easy route to success, but push your way through with hard work, faith and prayer and of course, honesty. There’s no other greater feeling than acquiring something because you earned.

Protect your dreams: for many who don’t have dreams will share their wisdom and experiences with you that sound’s reasonable. But keep in mind they speak from a place of emptiness, a lack of passion and faith. Remember those who helped you reach your place of success. I’m taking about those who completed tasks and kept their word. In fact, pour into them what they poured into you. You will be blessed because of this. But also remember those who faded they will: for they seek to share your platform after you’ve put in the hard work. They will see you as an opportunity to capitalize on your celebrity and influence.


5 thoughts on “Have a Good Night and a Greater Day Tomorrow: With Words of Wisdom

  1. Your spirituality and your brilliance has really captured the soul and the curiosity to wait for your novel congratulations on your well deserving success God bless you.

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