Things a Man Would Appreciate Pt. I

Men aren’t difficult to please. I’m sure they’re exceptions for complicated ones. But for the most part, we’re pretty much simple, direct and straightforward when it comes things we’d like a woman to do to please us. Only pride and ego, what the last guy did to you would stop you from doing these things I will list below.

  1. Tell him that you BELIEVE in him. Having faith in your man sends a signal to his heart that you’re on his side as he face obstacles to achieve success or to sustain it. It also opens a pathway to open and honest communication throughout the relationship with him. If you believe in him, he will be more open and transparent with you. Note: We are listening to what you are and what you’re not communicating to us about our dreams and aspiration. If you’re not supportive of him of his dreams, he may find himself confiding in someone else about his dreams. Why not be that woman.
  2. Let him know that he’s APPRECIATED. This definitely has nothing to do with ego stroking here 😉 Men like to know their presence matters and they are significant. A compliment such as, “I’m glad that I met you” or that you appreciate talking to you or having you around. When a man knows his woman appreciates him, it boosts his confidence and it also encourages him to go over and beyond in expressing his love for you.
  3. RESPECT.  I personally think, once a man loses respect in a relationship, that’s his cue to leave. Respect, in a way, is a key for him to exist with you. Showing a man respect doesn’t suggest to kissing up and to allowing him to walk over you. It’s matter of showing him admiration for his worth in your life. Let him know he’s valued.
  4. LOVING and NURTURING. Men want to be loved and nurtured in the way that could, in a way, be taken care of. By being taken care of, I mean, knowing a meal could be prepared; a massage could be given or he can expect you care when he’s sick. Note: It’s important to know your man’s love language.  For example, words of affirmation and affection are extremely important to me than gift because I’m not so much of a materialistic person, but this doesn’t suggest I don’t like nice things. If you don’t know your man’s love language, ask him or pay attention to the details of his life. Also take a look at Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages.
  5. Men appreciate a woman’s SEXY. Sexy is staying fit and taking care of you body. After all, we are, by nature, visual. We are stimulated by what we see. There’s nothing sexier than a confident, fit and feminine woman. It makes us desire you—not in a lustful way—but in a pure way.

8 thoughts on “Things a Man Would Appreciate Pt. I

    • Melvin Davis says:

      If your man sees progress, trust, he’s appreciating it.

      As far as #5 goes, maybe you can get him to join on the fun 😉

      • Melvin Davis says:

        If he doesn’t mind the “extra weight,” there’s nothing to change. Healthy and sexy comes in different sizes and shapes so # 5 is really subjective. It’s a bit unclear of what you meant by “working on #5.”

      • Melvin Davis says:

        What you think about yourself first is important. If the weight could cause health problems, you have to ask yourself, how long do you plan to be around for your spouse or children if you have any. A woman may say to me you like fine lean, but bulking up a little is a personal goal for me that’s going to make me happy.

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