Things a Man Would Appreciate. Pt. II

6. SPIRITUALLY SUPPORTIVE. Pray with us (meaning, physically holding hands). If you’re underestimating the power of praying together in a relationship, you’re truly missing out on spiritual intimacy, on building a close-knit bond that advances beyond a friendship. I’m speaking of a soulful connection here. In my upcoming blog, Faith and Love: It’s Connection and How the Two Can Make or Break Your Relationship, I plan to touch on how faith has a language and prospective of it’s own. And if two aren’t on the same page or if one person has no desire to speak the same faith language and share similar views on how issues or a crisis should be handled, you’ll grow a part from another, and soon the relationship will fall apart. Men are the head of the household because we are called to be spiritual leaders of a marriage. This point is supported in the creation of Adam. But lets move on. When you pray with a man, you move beyond his heart to his spirit. It lets him know you that you deeply care about him, and you’re interested in being a part of his spiritual journey. You’ll also know the matters of his heart.

7. EMOTIONALLY PRESENT. Empathy works wonders. Your ability to listen actively, reciprocate back to him what he’s sharing with you, lets us know that what we said was important.

8. FAITHFULNESS. The main reason men don’t’ commit is because we’re afraid to get hurt just as women are. Trust me when I say this: A MAN WANTS A FAITHFUL WOMAN, AND HE WANTS TO COMMIT. But if we sense we can’t trust you, we will dodge a relationship, a commitment altogether. When men open up, we’re pretty much all in at that point. And being vulnerable is a scary feeling just as it is for women.

9. PATIENCE. The fact is we screw up and sometimes may say things that come off as insensitive. Some of us come from fractured family up bringing’s, so we’ll trying to love while we’re still hurting. We need your patience and understanding. You, as a woman, could help bring healing and understanding to our lives so we can love you in the way we desire to you.

10. COMMUNICATIVE. In other words, speak to us rather than nag or talk at us. Respect is # 1 on a man’s list. What nagging and talking at us does is shut us down. We’ll be talking to the fellas or someone else about issues that arise instead of you. I’ m not suggesting this is right, but a couple shouldn’t give each other the option to consult someone else for advice from outside the relationship before talking about things at home first. Talk, and we’ll listen.


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