Have a Good Night and a Greater Day Tomorrow: With Encouragement and Words of Wisdom

It’s okay to dream, but don’t dream forever. Put into action what God has placed in your heart, and never allow tough circumstance to tinker or offset your dreams. Keep working hard when there is no sunshine, when the light starts to flicker and dim.

 Seek you purpose before seeking love. Priority is key to living the life you’re capable of living. The wise seeks what they’re putting on this earth to do first, because they know either they will find love once they reach their destiny or on the way there. The unwise seek love first, thinking they that person will complete them.

 In relationships, never negotiate for half the person or someone whose heart is with someone else. You not only set yourself up for heartbreak, but you’re missing out on the person who change your life drastically, of course for the good.

Never judge a person. You never know what they’re with behind closed doors. Not everyone is quiet, unapproachable or timid. They’re probably dealing with life issues that are eating away at their emotional well being while they’re pursuing their dreams with passion. Read the book before you make an assessment.

 Practice forgiveness, for there will come a day when you will seek it. Second chances come to those who give others a second chance.

 Embrace the power of love, for in it lies healing to the self, and to others you come into contact with. Be open and inviting, for people who you may cross paths with want to talk, because they voices and concerns aren’t be heard at home, at work or they simply just don’t’ have anyone to talk.

Come to others with peace, for they will find comfort and healing in your presence. I know this to be true, because many have shed tears before me—unable to put a finger on to the reason why, except “I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you.” It’s nothing other than the spirit of God radiating through me. 


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