Morning Inspiration: Walk By Faith

On my way to the park early this morning to have devotion, “I’m faithful,,”  settled in my heart.  There’s a specific, underlying reason why this came to mind but I will share at a later time. There’s a time to share personal matters of the heart and your situation and there’s a time not to. Some people just have to see it to believe because they lack faith and understanding. I will say, I am truly finding out what it means to walk by faith.

My sister is becoming one of my dear friends. When she was just 10, I knew there was something special her. She had an in-depth understanding about life and faith. Much like I did when I was younger. I used to ask her to pray for me because I saw that the kind of faith she had as a young girl and is developing as a young lady. Anyhow, we were text messaging each other last night. The topic was about faith. One of the benefits of having a big brother, who’s been given the gift of wisdom and having an intimate relationship with God, is that she gets to hear some of my quotes before I post them lol. In conversation, I said last night: “Each test of faith you pass, you move closer to purpose end.” Another way to write this: “With each test of faith you pass, you move closer to your destiny,” but I like “purpose end” better because it doesn’t sound cliché. By “purpose end,” I mean, whatever you’ve been put on this earth to do; there are certain things you have to go through to prepare for it. Preparation often comes with test. And if your dreams are big, they require great faith to accomplish it. 

Note: To remind my single readers: A time of singleness is a time of preparation; so don’t rush to get into a relationship.

I am faithful, the words that came to mind early, was just the spirit of God reminding me that his presence is still present in my life, and what he’s done for me in the past is indication that he’ll make a way for me again. It’s a beautiful feeling to know when God is speaking to you. I can’t imagine a life not knowing the voice of God, but I shall teach others how to discern it. But you know the scary thing about growing in your faith? You gain a new perspective on life and human nature. You see how so many people live their lives without knowing their purpose or living a life without experiencing success. People are poor or comfortable with mediocrity because they live in fear. They play it safe. They can’t tell you what it means to walk by faith. They’re missing out on having a relationship with God. I believe a blessing a father could impart in his son, daughter or his wife and everyone he comes into contact with is that he can teach people how to navigate through life and life’s problem by trusting God. He is the miracle before the eyes of those he comes into contact with. God has situated my life in a way that I can’t credit no else but him. Oh, I have so many stories to tell you all one day.

When I sat down on the bench to pray. I stared out into the waters, closed my eyes, and then reopened them. I saw a father and two son’s—not clear faces in particular. I instinctively knew who they were. The younger son wanted things from his father but didn’t have a close relationship with him. The older son tried to get through to his younger brother of what he needed to make the father happy. He basically gave him a cheat sheet. But the younger son still walked in his own ways. This of course hurt the father. But he promised; if the younger son left the house, he’d still welcome him back in. He’d still love him unconditionally. But the younger son could have so much more—only if he had a relationship with him.  I’m sure you have gathered who these person’s represent, if not, here it is: The older brother was the spirit of God, nudging the younger brother to take specific steps to receive more from the father. 


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