The Art of Thoughtfulness: A Man’s Guide to Moving a Woman’s Heart Pt. I


This mathematical formula may seem bizarre to you. You’re not the only one who sucked at math. I’m probably one of the worse math students of all time. Seriously. Seeing letters next to numbers terrifies me. Good riddance we’re only dealing with words here. The word ‘think’ in its literal form is to form an idea or a concept about something. This idea or concept is not seen; in fact it’s not a real thing, quite yet. ‘Do’ is a verb. Self-explanatory. When you combine an idea and a verb that equates to thoughtfulness. It is the result of tangible, real, physical results. Get my drift? Not yet, let’s take this formula and place it in a context of love, and how a woman interprets thoughtfulness. I’ll also give some examples of things you could do that are thoughtful.

A woman loves when a man does things for her without her asking him to do so. This is called thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness communicates to her how much you think about her and mean to her. She interprets thoughtful acts as 1) You’re in tuned to her. 2) You care about her. 3) You really love her. 4) YOU’RE NOT THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF in the relationship. These reactions may seem ABCD simple to you. But trust me, women pay attention to what you think is insignificant.

In Pt. II, I’m going to offer a list of thoughtful things you can do to move a woman’s heart.


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