The Art of Thoughtfulness: A Man’s Guide to Moving a Woman’s Heart Pt. II

How in tuned you are to a woman determines how thoughtful you are in expressing your love toward her. —Melvin Davis

Paying attention to the details of a woman’s personality, spiritual and intellectual makeup is salient in moving her heart. For love isn’t self seeking, it pours into another that them feel loved and significant, valuable,  desired and wanted. Here are a few thoughtful kind acts you can to to move a woman’s heart.

1. COOK BREAKFAST. If you really want to put a smile on her face before she leaves out the door, cook breakfast or prepare coffee or tea if. Since we know women take their time prepping for work in the a.m., they have to get up extra early in the morning to make sure they’re hair and makeup is done. And if she hasn’t picked out her outfit the night before, more than likely, that’s on her agenda too. You also have to take into account her shower. So while she’s doing all of these things, make the morning easier for her by make sure she gets a good meal before she leaves the house.

BONUS: I hope you didn’t think you were done. Depending on what state or what side of the world you live on, or if you’re living in a cool or warm climate, and must I say neighborhood. If the neighborhood is safe and you’re living in a cold climate, warm up the car for her. If hot, turn the AC on, so she’s nice in comfy. Again, the key here is to make her money less difficult as possible. You may want to prepare lunch for her.

2. COMMUNICATE THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Giving her a call or sending a text just to say “I just want to let you know I’m thinking about you. Do you need anything? Or how’s the workday going does. This may seem insignificant but it’s not. Woman love the small things. For her to know you thought about her enough to say hello or inquire about her day will mean a lot to her. That hello could be timely. She may be having a bad day or someone on the job could have upset her. Heck, her day could be going dandy, and the fact that you contacted her would the icing on the cake.

3. COOK DINNER and WASH DISHES AFTERWARD. Whether you know it or not, when a woman sees a man throwing down in the kitchen, this turns her on. I know this for a fact. NOTE:  I am no chef, but I have desire to throw down for my lady in the kitchen. I believe in loving in a quartet way: PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. Physically is not limited to nourishing her temple. i.e., pleasing her loving, but exercising with her, and cooking meals that are beneficial to the both of you. Yes, I know as men, we are condition to believe a woman is the only one given cooking duties. Maybe that was true decades ago, but it’s 2013. Things have changed. The expectations of expressing your love toward a woman has been altered, so embrace the challenge.

Now I know you’re probably saying, “now I have to wash dishes too?” Who knows, she may join in to help you. As I mentioned earlier, a cooking man as a sexy man to a woman. But besides that point, cooking meals takes some of the load off her in evenings and weekends. She deserves a rest too.

4.  BE ROMANTIC. MAKE HER A GREETING CARD AND COME UP WITH YOUR OWN WORDS. You probably aren’t Michelangelo or Picasso.Neither are you a Shel silverstein or a Edgar Allan Poe or a Melvin Davis, but you can be you. Originality and authenticity is something that also moves a woman. Lets say your card came out like you hired a 3rd grader to do. Okay, fine. And lets just say, finger crossed, your handwriting isn’t the best, or you don’t know how to express what you feel in words, SO WHAT!. Create and speak from your heart, She’ll appreciate your kind gesture from the bottom of her heart.

FYI: I’m pretty good with words, so if you need my assistance, contact me. We can discuss a reasonable price 😉

5. CAR MAINTENANCE.  Taking the load off her by maintaining her car will free her up to do other things and spend more time with you.

 a. Change her Oil If you know her car is due for an oil change, change it for her or take it to get it change while she’s occupied doing something at home or if she at the salon getting her hair done. You know women spend 8 or more hours in the salon, talking more than half the time.

b. Wash her Car. Either you could wash her car for her or you can help her wash it. Think of this as an intimate time to spend with her. You two many fancy up for a water fight for that matter.

C. Take car of the registration and emissions test

 6. LAUNDRY TIME. Do the laundry. Before I committed to writing a novel, I initially wanted to write an anthology of romantic short stories. One of the stories is title Folding Clothes. For me, doing laundry with someone you love and care about is an intimate, sometimes playful moment. Doing things that aren’t related to sex or foreplay could open a door to have different kinds of conversations. You may get a pillow or sock fight in lol. Whatever suits your jovial interests are.

There are tons of things thoughtful things you can do, but I’m going to save that for the book. The stronger and deeper she feels about you, the further she’ll let you journey into her heart. Love with her thought and purpose.


One thought on “The Art of Thoughtfulness: A Man’s Guide to Moving a Woman’s Heart Pt. II

  1. charry love says:

    I think you need an award for this post, you are on point on all the things you mentioned. that’s what we’re talking about, a man who gets it. “happy wife, happy life”. I agree a man cooking is sexy, although I haven’t experienced it, I can only imagine how sexy that would be lol. something new I learned “For me, doing laundry with someone you love and care about is an intimate, sometimes playful moment” Interesting I would like to learn more. did you ever get to write a book on folding clothes?, I’d love to read it. I don’t mind if it’s written as a blog, I have never read anything on folding clothes, so I’m intrigued to read it.

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