You push away what’s good for you, but embrace what hurts you because you feel undeserving for what you long and prayed for. Know your worth. –Melvin Davis


You push away w…


2 thoughts on “You push away w…

  1. veritas says:

    I honestly didn’t think I had a real problem with being a fallback girl,/doormat til recently when I realized that no matter how good or attractive,
    I worked to be for him he wouldn’t fall into my
    Arms! Looking closer to myself and articles like this one, I’m coming to understand I was masking a deep rooted pain of rejection since childhood…im coming to understand that both of us have problems emotional availability

    • Melvin Davis says:

      My message just got erased lol. Let me try this again.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this article.

      Finding out the foundation of your problem was brave. Many people cover up their dysfunctions by entering relationship after relationship—never giving their self the time alone to reflect why things seldom work out.

      Whenever you find yourself giving and investing more into a relationship, take a pause and consider why. What’s obvious is that there’s an imbalance, and that you aren’t on the same emotional and mental page.

      You want the kind of man who’s see all the wonderful things God placed you, who will be sensitive to the things God brought you through. You want a man who’s going to treat you like your his everything, like a gift, a treasure or a gem. You want a man that can communicate, bring to the table a foundation built on God, respect, patience and faithfulness. Desire and pray for this kind of man. This will make it easier to not entertain men who don’t fall into this category 🙂

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