The “Friend-Zone” Pt. I

I read a caption a few days about a woman who prayed for the right man. But when he entered her life, she kept telling him he was a friend. She didn’t realize her prayer was answered. Ultimately, that man got tired of being just a friend and left. She missed out on an amazing guy. She didn’t recognize what she lost until years later. When it was too late. I want to elaborate on “The Friend-Zone” from this perspective in part II of this blog. For now, lets define what the friend-zone is and four possible reasons why people friend-zone the person who’s genuinely interested in them. There are reasons why someone is emotionally unavailable.

The “Friend-zone” is an emotional state where you’re placed on hold because the other person isn’t quite sure how they see and feel about you. Yes, the attraction is there and maybe some romantic feelings are flickering inside, or else they wouldn’t have you given you a way to contact them. The person probably wouldn’t entertain you–even if they were that bored. But if you ever wonder why you’ve been placed in the friend-zone. Here are five likely reasons why someone is emotionally unavailable.

1. Another love interest maybe in the picture. Someone said you could love two people at once. I disagree. The only being on this planet that’s omnipresence, meaning someone who can occupy two places at once, is God. Either you will like or love one, or be confused about the other. So the safest way for a person who’s indecisive about you is to befriend you. Think of a Quarterback with options but don’t’ become an option.

2. They aren’t quite ready open up. This maybe due to deep past hurts. People who have been deeply hurt are going to move slowly. It took me two years to get over someone. I dated since then, but I never truly open up because I wasn’t ready to. It was only until February of this year that I did. Anyhow, it isn’t a bad sign when someone wants to proceed with caution. A great deal of patience is required of you so practice patience. Move at their speed.  You don’t want to force or pressure someone into making a decision. It’s a turnoff.

3. The person maybe too good to be true. Revisiting the caption above:  God knows your heart desire better than you do and He will bless you with nothing but the best. But when the best comes, be ready for it. Many women, as well as men, have the best slip through the cracks of their fingers because they were afraid or overanalyzed their blessing until it no longer desired them.

4. They just aren’t that interested to take things a step further. You have to be careful to the type of person who like their ego stroked. They are people who will keep you around for the sake of having power and feeling super special. You would get friend-zoned for the sake of these two reasons. Be careful. Make spiritual discernment your best friend.

5. They’re waiting on God to give them a sign. Confirmation is absolutely necessary to have before making a commitment. You want to make sure you’re investing your time and energy into the right person. But some people can’t recognize right because they have been treated wrong for a long time. This is the person who has befriended, or shall I say, friend-zone the person God sent to them. I’m going to touch on this in part II.





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