The “Friend-Zone” Pt. II: Why Love Got Away From You?



While the picture warrants humor, the caption hints to truth. Fear and doubt are two reasons why love got away from many people. My motto is: a time of singleness is a time of preparation for love. Don’t rush to be in a relationship. Take time to heal, to face, and to understand all the things you’ve gone through, so you can approach a new situation emotionally available, as well as a whole and complete person.

Many people have placed their love interest, or shall I say blessing, in the “friend-zone,” because of the former and latter emotions I mentioned above. Fear covers your eyes from recognizing a blessing. If fear isn’t an issue for someone, doubt is. Doubt causes you to second-guess, over analyze and focus on figure out why x person too good to be true—rather than accepting they are what you prayed for. Furthermore, the doubter doesn’t open up. They constantly create obstacles and throw barricades in front of their love interest until he or she becomes exhausted. Everyone wants to be sure they’re opening up to the right person. But don’t make the next guy or woman pay for someone else mistakes and unfaithfulness. Ultimately, the one who fears and the doubts will push away this kind of person they prayed for:

  1. God-fearing
  2. Communicative.
  3. Faithful
  4. Patient
  5. Gentle
  6. Honest
  7.  Attractive
  8. Ambitious/Goal Oriented
  9. Intelligent

10. A Great Sense of Humor

11. Open and Transparent

12. Loving and Caring

13. Emphatic, Sympathetic and Understanding

This kind of person you prayed hard and diligently for, and walked away from, is they eventually got tired of being told they were just a “friend.”  What the “friend-zone” does is give the one who’s being pursued emotional power over someone who’s made his or her self totally vulnerable and available. It also gives the person in power the mobility to flirt or express feelings of indifference at any second, minute, day, month, or year. They can make their love interest feel special or confused–all at the same time. Sooner or later, the blessing you prayed for will be taken away from you. Yes, God is full of grace and mercy. But, God isn’t going to let His son or daughter be led on and have their feelings strung along at someone else’s disposal like a puppet What you take for granted God will give to someone else who deserves it.

Stay tuned for Part III


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