Love Has No Distance

I penned this in the deepest part of the ocean, because that’s the depth of my love for you

The day we became one, I couldn’t imagine my life without you

The look in your eyes when you said “yes,” brought so much joy into my heart

I’m able to give you the best of me because you healed me in the inner most parts

I’m so thankful to have you as my wife

I’ll dig the deepest mine to find the perfect diamond, for you overlook my imperfections

If I ever failed at loving you, I never knew: You respect me that much to say “Thank you” anyway

But I know you all too well, so I promise to love better


Your love is worth the distance

I’ll search for you in the sun, climb the highest mountain in the coldest winter, travel across the continent facing foreseen and unforeseen danger: You are worth it

My love for you is eternal, that if you depart from this earth, I pray God takes me with you

Thank you for allowing me to a part of your life. I never thought I could express myself in this way

Now let me kiss all over you, as we sail the night away




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