The “Friend-Zone” Pt.III: KEEPING IT HONEST!

In part I of this blog, I define what the friend-zone is and five possible reasons why people put their potential love interest there. Part II of this blog, I explained how FEAR AND DOUBT are two contributing factors of why love slipped away from many. You prayed for a particular kind of person, but when you met him or her, you indefinitely “friend-zoned” them, until they eventually left.  In this part, I want to give two reasons why you practice honestly when I comes to matters of the heart.

There’s nothing wrong with having friend’s who are attracted to you. But if you have friend’s that are romantically interested in you, it’s important for them to know where you stand. You want to make sure no one is misled, hurt, or feel like they’re time been wasted due to dishonesty.

If you someone openly expresses romantic feelings towards you, be open and honest about how you view and feel. If a friendship is all you see in someone, communicate that. If there’s a possibility that a friendship could blossom into something more, convey that as well. If you’re really unsure about someone, let that be known too. It maybe difficult to pinpoint or determine what could happen down the road. Anything could happen. However, there are people who already know where things will lead. Be honest and upfront.

Being in the friend-zone is an opportunity for two people to spend time with each other without the pressure of putting on a total front. You have a chance to really feel out if your potential lover is truly the one for you or not. In addition, if you like being around the person for the matter. You have to set aside your emotions and really ask yourself, “Do I like spending time with this person? And do I like talking to them?” If the chemistry and conversation isn’t there, you really don’t have a friendship. And making a commitment to be in a relationship with someone without chemistry and great conversation are like two vegetables sitting across from one another. NO ONE EVER HAS ANYTHING TALK ABOUT. Eventually sex will become a runtime. And lust isn’t a sure foundation to stand on.

If things initially don’t work out between you and someone, here two important benefits of being honest:

  1. A Second Chance. Dishonesty burns the bridge between you and your love interest. If I was misled by someone, and later in the future, she decides to want something romantically with me. I’d pass. If you can’t communicate the truth of how you feel about someone as a friend, how can be trusted as something more?

2. You maintain respect between you and the other person. If love inevitably doesn’t flourish between you and someone, you can remain friends, if you choose to.  You may later discover that you were better off as friends. And why not have that special person in your life than not all. Who knows, you maybe a huge blessing to one another later on in life—which could possibly lead to a second chance.



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