The longer you hold on to the past, the longer you delay the great things God wants to do in your life.–Melvin Davis

What’s getting the best of you from your past? What’s causing you to push away every good thing that enters your life? Why is it hard for you to love with an open heart? Why can’t others see the great personality you have within? Hurt can block others from seeing the sunlight in you.

Praying for change in your life while holding to the pains of your past is like trying to walk in two different directions at once. Either you will commit to one way or life will pass you while you stand n the same spot while your purpose slips away from you. God wants to do some awesome things in your life. And yes, He has the power to do whatever He so wills, but it’s you who will take the blessing for granted. 

There are some of things in the past that you can’t change. Time has passed. Whether it was a failed relationship, a fall out with a friend or family member, it’s over now. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made. Forgive others if they offended you. And if they have passed away or refuse to admit the wrong they have done, realize that not all relationships are meant to be. Love from a distance you have to do.

 Let go of whatever it is that you’re holding on to. What I’m talking about here is one of the issues I tackle in my novel. I want to show you what happens when you pursue love in pain, and what happens when you let it go.

 Let go.

The longer you …


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