Stimulate his mind and he might see longevity. Move his spirit and he’ll really start to think. Touch his soul, he’ll be praying for confirmation. The Intro

She got me up all night. All I’m singing is love songs. –J. Cole

Seducing a man with your body may work on some men, but it may not work with others who value the content equally. If I had a chance to meet Olivia Pope or Kerry Washington, whomever, I would be interested to know the woman behind the charming smile, alluring eyes and a sophisticate dress and the body that fits it well. A woman who uses her body to hold a man’s interest or to find love, she’s communicating where she thinks her worth and strength is. I believe if you give a person only your body, you give them the surface; give a person your thoughts–you give them you.

One way to capture a man’s attention is by wearing something befitting. After all, we’re extremely visual beings that are easily stimulated and aroused. There’s nothing wrong with wearing something sexy, however, there is a fine line between classy and the opposite of that. Men (a man of faith or an atheist) aren’t going to come and say this to you. But if you’re using your body to get his attention, he’s not thinking of a committed relationship. In fact, he isn’t going to say: “now this could be my wife.” He’s thinking short-term, if you get my drift.

Your internal beauty that compliments the outer is what will touch a man’s soul. A woman with spiritual substance is capable of doing that. It’s a culmination of intelligence, intellect, humor, understanding another’s language of faith and love that touches a man deep within. I’m most captivated and drawn to women who have a good grasp of who God is because it lets me know she’ll have a good understanding of who I am. I’ve discovered there’s truth in this statement: “if you know the creator, you know His creation.” I had someone with someone recently about how I ended up Miami. She got it. She understood and understands where I’m at in life and going in life. That conversation alone lets me know that I can talk to her about anything—neither do I have to worry about being judged or conceived s super spiritual. A mutual understanding like this creates an environment of inclusivity.

In part II of this blog, I’m going to break down each statement in this quote.

  1. Simulate his mind and he might see longevity
  2. Move his spirit, and he’ll really start to think.
  3. Touch his soul, and he’ll be praying for confirmation. 

Stimulate his m…


6 thoughts on “Stimulate his m…

  1. Ticia says:

    Enjoyed this alot, from the uses “Scandal” lol luv that show. But part that speaks volumes is to not use your boby. it takes time for women to grow into understanding how to be loved. Thank God for grace and mercy and his love.

  2. charry love says:

    I am glad you mentioned “if you know the creator, you know his creation”) it makes sense. I was mediating on psalm 139 today, and just thinking about how God cares about every single detail of our lives, and how he knows us intimately (our emotions, will, thoughts, desires) and nothing about us escapes his notices; reminds me of some of the things I have seen in your writing. You care about women, and you seem to understand how to communicate with a woman, love a woman, speak her language, connect to her soul, understand her thoughts, her moods, her emotions, shall I go on? lol and that’s how God interacts/ or would like to interact with his creation. He wants to get to know us in every way we can be known & understood. Your readers can connect to your writings because you share your heart, & a piece of yourself with them. I gotten to know you just by reading your posts.

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