She Still Loves Him

In this scene of my novel, Jennifer is trying to move on with life without David.

“The live atmosphere of Sushi Tara was what Jennifer needed. It lifted her spirits this night. This was the third weekend in a row she hung out with her co-workers. They were doing a good job of pulling Jennifer out of the rut she was falling in. Men approached her for dates. She turned them all down. While David was absent, he still had her heart. He was like no other man she had ever met. He was gentle and kind, a romantic but not to the extreme. He had edge and balance to go along with great communication and understanding. He was the first man who made her feel safe and secure. He was also the first man who believed in her dreams. He was an inspiration to her.  He pushed her not give up, and she didn’t, because he wouldn’t let her. While Jennifer was chatting with her co-workers, she felt a light tap on her shoulder. And there was Samantha, towering over her in a tan riding jacket, red pants with suede patches inside the knees and a white shirt to match her brown high heel sandals.”


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