Thing’s that move a man: Stimulate his mind and he might see longevity. Move his spirit and he’ll really start to think. Touch his soul, he’ll be praying for confirmation–Melvin Davis

Stimulate his mind, and he might see longevity. A man who appreciates more than a woman’s body, hence, her mind, soul and spirit, will expect, great, stimulating conversation from her. This will spark and keep his interest. A lot of women today have it backwards. They feel uploading eye candy photos and posing in skimpy outfits are keys to landing a great man, but that’s not the case. It’s false, despite how many men ask for your number and want to take you out. Yes, men like sexy, but classy is a different kind of sexy. Elegance is what differentiates a woman from a girl. With a provocative trajectory of yourself, you will not land a king, but a pawn. It’s the pawn will treat you of low value, who will gaze upon you through the lens of a sexual object. He will want to be in your life for only that reason. A King will see you worth when you don’t feel it or see it for yourself. He will value you and court you. He will practice patience with you, and he will also protect and ensure a comfortable and loving environment. What woman doesn’t desire security and the assurance of true love?

Men are also searching for a Proverbs 31 kind of woman, which is a woman who possesses practical and spiritual substance—not lobed side in one area or the other. In other words, a super religious and overly spiritual woman will scare a man a way. And unfortunately, she doesn’t’ know it. Too many church invites or darting scriptures at him will not bring him closer to you or God. Instead, pray for him. As you mature in your Christian walk, you’ll see the difference between emotionalism and spirituality. The two are not the same. You’ll learn how to discern where someone is at in his or her walk and relationship with God and you will proceed accordingly, in God’s timing, and not fueled by your emotions, which communicates impatience.

Men are looking for a woman who adorns God and looks to God to fulfill any longings and voids that she may have. A man does not want to be your counselor or father. He’s looking for a wife and a friend. Of course he will be there for you during troubling times, to be a voice and presence of help, someone you could confide in. But, if the focus shifts primarily to building you up, instead of loving you, this isn’t a good sign. A time of singleness is truly a time of preparation, for healing is a part of the preparation process.

A woman will gravitate what she reflects. If she projects an image of something less than she what she desires or prays for, she will run into guys who want only a one night stand, and a relationship without a commitment. Speaking for myself, women who can show balance in their strengths and beauty is a woman worth settling down with. Good conversation will take the beginning of a friendship a long way.

The birth of a wonderful friendship starts with a wonderful conversation that could develop into a promising relationship;)

Move his spirit and he’ll really start to think: I’ve only experienced this twice before in person. Two women touched me in a deep place when first laid eyes on them. I describe this moment as a romantic, diving awakening. It was the beauty, purity, thus, the spirit of God in their spirit that made me say “wow”– now mesh that will physical attraction and an awesome personality. That’s a recipe to have a man really thinking about you. What I am saying here is: a relationship, or shall I say, your relationship with God opens up a plethora of benefits. In this context here, your aura carries energy, a vibe that others can pickup on. That aura innately is part of your inner and outer makeup that plays a role in how and who you attract. For example, a woman of high esteem, of self-respect and is filled with the presence of God, will exude a kind of countenance that a man, who knows God, will have to approach her with respect. He will have to treat you like a heavenly gift that you are. It’s not often that I go out of my way to approach women. There has to be something special about her that moves me beyond physical attraction.

Touch his soul, he’ll be praying for confirmation. The soul is the deeper part of a person. A person with great substance can only touch that place. Now lets take the kind of woman I described in the previous paragraph, (a Proverbs 31 woman) along with her great conversation (outlined in the first paragraph,) but I want to add two ingredients: you touch a man’s soul by believing in him and pray for and with him. Alas! You’ll have man thinking he could actually see you in his life as his wife. He will see that you can build an empire with you, whether on a local, national or international scale. He will see himself building a family with you, traveling so on and so forth.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please feel free to share and leave comments. I encourage them.

Thing’s that mo…


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