My Love for You

My love for you will open doors for you, lay down my life for you

It’ll make me give you the best

It’ll make me give you my last

What man wouldn’t treat you this way?

Only a fool will pass up on a woman like you, only a fool would be unfaithful to you


How long must I wait to see your face, to hear you voice, to feel the touch of your hand, to inhale the soft scent of your fragrance?

Will my questions go unanswered? Or will you quench the thirst of my desire for you with your presence? I’m praying. I’m waiting. I’m praying. I’m waiting.

You are worth more than the wealth, the success, and the fame coming my way. I’ll choose you over all, every single time.


My love for you is uncanny, for God has given me such the capacity

My love you would makes me want to kiss your face when you open your eyes in the morning, cook you breakfast to begin your day

It’ll make me kiss your hand in public places. Yes, it’s my desire to make you feel that special.

Yes, my love for you is that strong





2 thoughts on “My Love for You

  1. Marshellie says:

    When I read this my heart rejoiced and I truly felt loved. Great intake for a remarkable outbreak when God put this type of man in my life. This is very meaningful and beautiful Melvin. Stay blessed

    • Melvin Davis says:


      When you’re walking in God’s will, you’ll experience everything your heart desires. I know this firsthand.

      Stay blessed as well.

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