How to Really Sweep a Woman Off Her Feet

Melvin Davis

After a few dates with Jennifer, in this scene from my novel, David decides to surprise Jennifer.

Jennifer smelled the spicy scent of curry and baked salmon wafting through door of David’s condo.

“Mmm. What smells so good, Mr. Bradshaw?” Jennifer asked with a smile on the horizon.

“Curry conch, baked salmon with lemon, asparagus, peas, and rice.”

Her eyes widened with surprise as she turned her back to David. “You cooked?”

“Yes,” David answered nonchalantly.

A romantic, successful writer, and handsome, and can cook, Jennifer was head over heels for David at this point. None of Jennifer’s previous dates cooked for her before. Not even her ex-fiancé. She felt a warming sensation consume her body. Another wave brushed against her shore. “I see you did your research on a classic island dish,” she replied with the same cumbersome tone.

“Well, I remembered that you mentioned that you were from…

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