An Awesome and Great Woman is a Proverbs 31 Kind of Woman Pt. I

The first step of experiencing success with a woman is to understand her Creator so you can understand her nature. Pray for understanding. –Melvin Davis

Before I get into my upcoming blog How to Lose an Awesome and Great Woman, I want to define what an awesome and great woman is. Women are by nature emotional beings created with an ultimate sense of purpose and power. She has just as much prominence and authority in a relationship or a marriage as a  man does. She is innately inclined with the expectancy to be courted and respected at all times. And she rightfully deserves so. She wants someone to tickle her fancy and to make her feel like a woman.

To situate a model of what I define as an “awesome” and “great” woman, Proverbs 31 is the barometer I’m using. It’s the kind of woman I desire to romance and court, to invest my time and resources in, and to pop that special question to her when the time is right, so I can spend the rest of my life with her. That’s the kind of woman I desire and pray for. Attraction and great chemistry is only half the battle. But it’s exegete a Proverbs 31 kind of woman, the kind of woman who every man should desire.

1. A Proverbs 31 kind of woman is a woman who holds herself to a high esteem. Her morals and ethics are always couched in the prospective from how God sees things. Her perspective is sharp, her vision clear like blue skies.

2. No amount money can replace her, because her loving, which is heaven-like, and her love towards you, which is impeccable and resilient, unconditional and intentional. Her goals are to love you like no other, fight by you and with you, and to treat you like the king that you are. She is the definition of a wife.

3. She is faithful woman who can be trusted. Life will pitch unforeseen curve balls. If it so happens that a man hits rock bottom, he can lean on her in prayer, count on her support and to uplift him spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

4. Although she may meet a man with some scars, she doesn’t come with the intent to create dysfunction and to cause hurt in her relationship. Her intentions are only to love, nourish and care, to be a presence of a blessing her man’s life. She wants your patience and understanding.

5. She is a strong, working woman who can take care of herself. She doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She always positions herself to have the option to allow a man to romance and spoil her, but she’s lady-like and respectable about it. She will let a man be a man, because she understands it’s not in her makeup to be one.

6. She is a woman who can put her love and soul into a meal to satisfy her man. A Proverbs 31 kind of woman could bless her man with a home cook meal.

7. She’ll sacrifice if she has to. Where a man falls short at, especially financially, due to a job loss, she’s there to cover the bills, to pick up the slack where needed without making her man feel like he’s less than man. She understands that they’re now one, not two people against each other.

8. She is a visionary. Her moves and motives are always the relationship. She seeks an opportunity to capitalize rather than subtract or hinder the growth of the relationship, or financial gaining opportunities. But if dark times strikes, she still hasn’t loss her vision and focus on God. She can see and believe in the dark and still continue her praise and worship in the sun.

9. She is a survivor. She knows how to make it without certain amenities. She can adjust from a lavish lifestyle to a meager if she has to.

10. She is a charitable and hospitable woman of service. She gives to those out of love who are unfortunate. She treats her guest as if they were her family but she will not tolerate rude and disrespectful behavior in her home. Her house is her sanctuary—not a battlefield filled with hostility and gossips.


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