A Definition of Great and an Awesome Man, The Introduction

A time of singleness is a time of preparation. Pray to become the man who God sees in you.–Melvin Davis

Reflecting on the past three years of my life, I saw myself becoming the man who God sees in me. What began that process was heartbreak. And that heartbreak led me to take a deeper look at myself, which was quite painful and embarrassing. I saw things that I didn’t like about myself, and certain relationship patterns that were repetitive in my life. So I stopped praying for love, for a wife to spend the rest of my life with. I focused on myself.  Prioritizing will position you to acquire your heart desires.

There are plenty of great men in the Bible that admire, that move to the point of saying, “I want to have certain qualities and Godly traits. I wanted the faith that they had. I wanted the intimate relationship they have with God, and I can confidently say, I’ve been successful thus far. I studied these men for myself–not for love, not for a wife. However, in hindsight, I saw God grooming me into the man who would position me for success as a novelist and businessman, to develop a stronger relationship with Him. And relevant to the topic at hand, to become the husband, the spiritual leader in the sacred union with my wife and future father I will soon be one day.  A time of singleness is truly a time of preparation. I know this for a fact.

This blog serves the purpose of highlighting certain qualities and characteristics that aren’t tied to who I am, what I’ve become in Christ. Every man has his own purpose and personality in God. I want you to focus on what these great and awesome men in the bible had and stood for, as I have interpreted them. I believe that every woman should desire a man like this.


2 thoughts on “A Definition of Great and an Awesome Man, The Introduction

  1. Carina says:

    The beginning of your blog was a mirros image in the opposite sex form. Then towards the end the reflection of the message “Singleness is a time for preparation” if it didn’t for the writer, it definitely put a beight smile upon my face! Excellent reading material. ….keep allowing God to use you without hesitation. Thank you

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