You have found true love when that person is worth every ounce of your patience.—Melvin Davis

For those who missed it 😉

Melvin Davis

If you could master the art of being patient, in the end, you will always win. However, the task of being patient isn’t a simple one. Many who master patience, will find true, unconditional love. Many who master impatience, will find conditional love.

The “I want it now” syndrome is something that we all have or have had dealt with at some point in time. Impatience is a dominant feeling that overrides our emotions, which will more than likely cause us to make irrational decisions with harsh consequences that follow thereafter. If he or she is worth it, be patient.

In the context of being patient for love, being patient is a major challenge for some. I know because I’ve been there, but through spending quality time alone, learning how to love myself and enjoying my own company, I developed the kind of patience that enables me to be patient in…

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