What you can’t see could cause more pain than the feeling of not knowing. Trust God when He says no.—Melvin Davis

These words came to mind while I was meditating earlier.  I text them to a friend who’s response was “Wow. That was for me.” Perhaps this quote may apply to you.

Maybe you’ve been praying about a particular thing or person for years, but still haven’t receive any clarity or the closure you need to embrace a new chapter in your life. You have to be mindful that God will not answer some prayers in the way you want Him too. He’ll also shield the truth of a reality that could crush your heart. This is His way of protecting you, and keeping from falling into depression or worse. 

Don’t believe the lie that you can’t experience something or someone better than what you had before. You can–only if you trust God when he says no. 

What you can’t …


4 thoughts on “What you can’t …

  1. Melvin, thank you. Sincerely, I say thank you. I thank God for placing you in my path at my time of need because I really needed to read this. At times we tend to ask God…Why..Why me? He knows best and hey, we can’t have a testimony if we’ve never been through anything right? Thanks again!

    • Melvin Davis says:

      Thank God for allowing us to cross paths. Every person I share my blog with, I’m confident it will bless them in some positive way.

      And yes, you’re right. A test serves the purpose for a testimony. I’ve been through many. I’m thankful for them, for they have made me into more a God-fearing man full of faith and a heart of obedience.

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