A Definition of Great and an Awesome Man, The Concluding Intro

Proverbs 31 was a measuring stick I used to define what an awesome and great woman is. Adam, Moses, Abraham, King David and King Solomon and Christ will also serve as my measuring stick to define what an awesome and great man is. I won’t go into depth about each man of God. Instead, I’m going to draw from their common characteristic traits that make them notable men.

Here are some common traits you’ll recognize in each of these men. They were:

1. Men of Purpose. When a woman encounters a man of purpose, she will be able to see where he’s headed at in life. She’ll also see that his prayer life, work ethic and focus are impeccable. And that everything he does is done with intention and purpose. She’ll see, that for him, time is of the essence, which means he doesn’t squander it because he can. Christ was about his mission and didn’t waste any time fulfilling it.

2. Spiritual Leaders. A spiritual leader is someone who has a close, intimate relationship with God. They’re able to hear God’s voice, and discern his guidance and direction. This person studies scripture for spiritual growth, and to impart knowledge and wisdom into the lives of others they cross paths with. This person is also a visionary because they see what God sees.

It’s important for a man to be spiritual leader in his relationship/marriage because he was created to be the head of the household. He’ll also be able to impart wisdom and knowledge into the life of his wife, and be a presence of strength and reliability. A woman will greatly benefit from a man like this, for she’ll know her relationship with him would be one of purpose and destiny…never just coexisting for the sake of love only or contentment.

3. Men of Obedience. A man of obedience is man who lives a surrendered life to God. He also walks in the will of God—no matter what the consequences are. He seeks to please God–never man. His obedience will be a template for his family to follow. As a result his family will walk in the will of God—leading a legacy for the next generation to walk this earth.

4. Faithful men. Christ was faithful to God even till death. If a man is faithful to God, he will be faithful to his wife. When a man is unfaithful to his wife, it’s because he has detached himself from his relationship with God, which makes him forgotten that she was a gift from Him to begin with.

5. Great Communicators. A man who can articulate his thoughts and feelings in a respectable and cohesive way is an effective communicator. He’ll be able to work through issues with a woman with a sense of sensitivity and patience. He’ll be able to communicate effectively with his wife, and anyone for that matter.

6. Excellent Listeners. All of these men were great listeners, which is why they were all successful in fulfilling God’s mission and purpose for their lives. The ability to listen to God’s is so imperative because you’ll when the take the next step in your purpose and relationship. What woman wouldn’t benefit from a man whose a great listener?

7. Fearless. King David was a man who stood in the face of adversity with courage and total dependency on God for victory, time after time.

A woman who’s with a man who’s fearless has found something special. He’ll do what it takes to protect her and their family. He won’t function in life passively, but with a sense of assertiveness, which is couched in his trust and reliance on God.

8. Empathetic. Christ’s ministry was powerful and effective because he knew how to empathize with the people he encountered from different walks in life. He understood and knew what they were dealing with before they spoke a word, which allowed enlightenment and healing to take place within the people he helped.

A man who is able to empathize with a woman will be able to draw closer to her heart. He’ll know what her thoughts and feelings are without her having to speak a word. He’ll be tuned to her love language and nature.

9. Wisdom. Wisdom is the foundation that God gives man to make wise decisions.  King Solomon’s success as king was attributed his wisdom.

A man of wisdom is a man who actually learns from his mistakes. He applies that knowledge his present and future. A woman will know she’s in presence of a wise man because his words will be filled with substance. She’ll see a friend, a love, a leader and a teacher.

10. Great lovers. If you ever the Song of Song authored by King Solomon, you’ll see how he wonderfully and poetically describes his love for his wife. The emphasis isn’t on being poetic here, but the loving the gift from God of a woman in a passionate way.

A man of passion will love his wife until her cup overflows with tears of joy. Although challenges may arise in their relationship, she’ll be able to count more good days than bad one.

Now that I’ve described what an awesome and a great man, I’m going to show what some women do to let this kind of men slip from their grasp.

A woman will let a good man slip away from her when she’s not in tuned to the will of God. She’ll forfeit what she’s been praying for because she failed to prep her heart for it.

Now that i’ve described what an awesome and great man is, how is that women end up losing this kind of guy. I shall explain in my next blog How To Lose an Awesome and Great Man.”


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