The Status of My Love Life Pt. I

I received an inbox message from a FB friend who gathered that I’m a “picky man.” and that I should be with someone because I’m attractive and a good catch. I’m thankful to be viewed in that light, however, attraction doesn’t necessarily translate to being in a relationship. It’s all about God’s timing.

As I mature in my faith and walk with God, it’s become easier to feel out women who aren’t the one for me. I come across women who are attractive, but don’t’ have substance. Or who are super spiritual and overly religious. That’s also a turnoff.  I could ignore that gut feeling and go with the flow. But I don’t just date for the sake of dating. My time is valuable and important, and I know when I’m about to waste it.

I will say I’m at a place today where I wasn’t years ago. In my mind I told myself I was ready to love again, but in my heart, I wasn’t. I am ready to love again. I am looking for a person who I can talk to and laugh with for hours. I am looking for someone just enjoy their presence without conversation. I am looking for someone who I can invite into my spiritual life, so she can see  how important my relationship with God is. I am looking for a woman I can pray with, or have bible study with. I am looking for a wife. However, while my heart is open. I’m also in tuned to what God is doing. He’s laying foundations in my life to prepare the way for her to coexist with me, and I, with her.


12 thoughts on “The Status of My Love Life Pt. I

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am very proud of you only through God he will lead you to your soul mate you couldn’t said it any better keep up the good work I can’t wait to read your book!!!!

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